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Our Media Experience and Credentials
  • With its predecessor company New Electronic Media Science, Inc., Next Century Media has more interactive media experience than any other organization in the world

  • Brought more advertisers (representing over $60 billion in ad spending per annum) into more interactive TV trials than the rest of the world combined

  • Helped develop an interactive business model and brought most of the
    advertisers into:

    • Time Warner’s FSN Trial in Orlando
    • BellSouth’s Chamblee test
    • Bell Atlantic StarGazer
    • GTE mainStreet
    • Star Response
    • US West
    • SBC

  • Leading developer of measurement for interactive media – including first set top box TV audience measurement (1997), first aggregation of Internet server logs (Cyber Measurement Index with Arbitron and BBM, 1996), first online questionnaire (World Book/Compuserve, 1982)

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